Artificial Intelligence for Land-Based Aquaculture:

Maximize Growth, Minimize Costs, and Reduce Risk

The future of smolt, post-smolt, and on-growing production.

The heartbeat of your tanks

The ReelData AI Suite (ReelAppetite, ReelBiomass, ReelStress and ReelHealth) provides the data and automation needed by farms to operate at maximum profitability and sustainability – all in one platform.*

Each product compliments the other, providing a complete picture of what is happening in your tanks.

Understand the interdependencies between feeding, stress, health, and biomass so you can operate your facility as efficiently and effectively as possible.

*This AI suite works as set or can also work as individual products

Words from our Customers


Our trial with ReelData’s ReelAppetite showed an increase in our Growth and Feed Rates. This indicates that we could shorten our production period by several weeks. With these results and their great customer service, we expect these products to be an integral part of our facilities' success long term.

Bram Rohaan

Head of Production

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ReelData’s technology is going to help scale the global aquaculture industry. By having a system like ReelData’s in place, we can further optimize fish welfare and growth, which are key to maximize the volume of delicious Bluehouse salmon we can supply to the market, and our Company’s profitability.

Thue Holm

CTO and Co-Founder

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