Artificial Intelligence for Land-Based Aquaculture.
Maximize Growth, Minimize Costs, and Reduce Risk.

The future of smolt, post-smolt, and on-growing production.

The ReelData AI Suite provides the data and automation needed by farms to operate at maximum profitability and sustainability – all in one platform.

AI Smart Feeding

Our fully automated system accurately identifies real time population appetite and adjusts feed levels accordingly to maximize biomass while limiting waste.

AI Biomass Monitoring

Actionable Biomass Distributions at Your Fingertips. ReelBiomass offers non-intrusive, autonomous, and highly accurate estimation results within hours.

AI Cameras

Our AI cameras not only excel in advanced tasks like monitoring fish behavior and counting food but also function perfectly as standard IP cameras.

Perfecting land-based aquaculture with AI


Optimized Decision-Making

Eliminate guesswork and enhance productivity with ReelData AI. Our comprehensive AI suite transforms information scarcity into actionable insights, enabling precise feeding, accurate biomass monitoring, and proactive health management.

By making data-driven decisions, farms drastically reduce risks, cut unnecessary costs, and minimize environmental impact, paving the way for competitive pricing and sustainable growth.

Advanced Biomass Management

Gain real-time, accurate insights into your fish stock with our AI-driven ReelBiomass tool. Designed from the ground up for land-based aquaculture, ReelBiomass provides non-intrusive, rapid, and precise fish biomass estimations, allowing for better market alignment, optimized feed ordering, and minimized disruption to fish growth.

This critical intelligence supports optimal operational management, leading to significant cost savings and enhanced production efficiency.

Stress Reduction and Environmental Control

Safeguard the health of your aquaculture environment with ReelStress. Our innovative tool integrates crucial data from feeding patterns and water quality to identify stress triggers in real-time.

By maintaining optimal conditions, ReelStress ensures that your fish achieve the highest biological performance, which is essential for maximizing growth and maintaining fish health.

Revolutionary Health Monitoring

Transform fish health management with ReelHealth, leveraging advanced imaging from ReelBiomass to detect health issues early.

Our system analyzes signs of stress, maturation, and disease, enabling proactive interventions that reduce mortality rates and enhance overall fish well-being. This preemptive approach not only ensures a healthier stock but also supports your farm's reputation for quality and reliability.

“We have learned a lot about our fish and I think before the insight of ReelData we were missing feeding opportunities”

– ReelData Client (3,000MT farm)

Proudly Feeding


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